Be The Change CD

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Be The Change CD

14 Titel · 14 Songs
Booklet: 24 Seiten · 24 Pages
Alle Liedtexte · all lyrics.

Music was my first Love!
Long before I designed the first postcard I was writing songs. This CD is my fourth album featuring a collection of acoustic pop songs that promote a mindful approach to life. If you like my postcards and/or buttons, it's very likely my songs will speak to you as well. 


Balthasar Balz Ewald (music and lyrics/lead vocals/piano), Kelvin Bullen (bass), Luca Glausen (drums), Friederike Kettelhack und Zamira Angst (violins), Lea Barone und Daniel Heiniger (backing vocals), Heidi Gürtler (accordion), Christoph Flueler (flugelhorn, tuba, trumpet), Mirko Arnone (guitar).